The number of connected devices within the home will continue to rise. This will not only increase demand for higher bandwidth in the access network, but more critically raise the need for high quality of in-home connectivity. Poor in-home connectivity experience can have long-lasting negative impacts on customer experience, which would risk, for example, lost ARPU, higher churn, and higher costs-to-serve.

Operators are well positioned to be enablers of the Connected Home vision, which presents new revenue streams. Robust home coverage is vital to opening these opportunities. Incorporating Wi-Fi and overall in-home connectivity services into offers will be essential to claim a significant stake in the Connected Home market.

Network Operator Opportunity: Enabler of the Connected Home

Today's Home

Customer Pains:
  • Inconsistent Wi-Fi coverage and performance
  • Wi-Fi congestion caused by multiple devices and neighbours
  • Interference from other home appliances, such as, radios, baby monitors, and microwave ovens

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In-Home Connectivity Trends

Increase in connected devices will drive demand for better in-home bandwidth and connectivity experience

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Managing In-Life Experience

Operators have significant scope to improve in-life experience by becoming more effective at identifying and diagnosing connectivity issues

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Opportunities to improve the Connected Home experience include:
  • Customer Education: Quality self-service help and education on service-agnostic challenges
  • Contact Centre: Rich information on network, Wi-Fi, and remote CPE diagnostics
  • On-Site Engineers: Real-world Wi-Fi and CPE training, and fit-for-purpose diagnostic tools
  • Automated Monitoring: Information and advice on usage, connectivity, and self-organizing networks
  • Analytics: Prioritization of customers with issues for proactive action

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