Big Data has been the “it” term in business for nearly half a decade but few organizations have really leveraged big data technologies to produce tangible benefits. Technology companies have been at the forefront of big data adoption and so far have reaped most of the benefits. Communication service providers (CSP) generate a wealth of data that can be harnessed to provide a real return on investment.

Big Data Analytics: Optimizing Operations and Enabling New Business Models

CSPs such as telecommunications providers, multiple system operators (MSO), internet service providers (ISP) have access to vast amounts of data. CSP service/billing systems and customer premise equipment alone generate large quantities of data.

However most data at CSPs is generated, captured and maintained by various systems that are individual silos. Data within these silos is rarely consolidated and reconciled on an on-going basis to provide a holistic view of a CSP’s business.

Integration of data from CSP silos into a single analytical domain can provide CSPs a lot of valuable insight. These insights can not only have the potential to improve decision making and streamline business operations but also create new opportunities.